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Internet Development

The World Wide Web URL has gone from being a Fortune 500 frill to a space for doing real business.

To meet the needs of your customers, investors, the press, employees, and suppliers brochureware is not enough. Web sites that sell, promote, inform, educate, or entertain need to be highly functional, skillfully designed, a pleasure to navigate, and very useful to its users. Furthermore, competition is fierce; only the highest quality sites will capture and retain users. The organization with the best site will often impress the customer, provide a positive brand experience and enjoy cost savings as well.

CISITE specializes in the pre-design strategic-planning, design, implementation, promotion, maintenance and support of your web site. Our professional team will spend the time to explain, advise, and educate you at every step so that your site comes out exactly the way you want it.

Special features you may want to include:
  • Custom software to maintain a dialogue with customers and suppliers
  • Business-to-business or business-to-consumer e-commerce functionality
  • Downloadable presentations
  • Expert search engine marketing and increased visibility / positioning
  • Video & Audio (streaming or downloads)
  • Online support & document downloads
  • Wireless information delivery
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Self Service customer support and chat-based support
CISITE works with its clients to develop a strategic Internet plan that changes their sites from a passive or lethargic presence to an active, dynamic marketing tool that stands out in peoples' minds long after the browsing session is over.

Interface Design

A poorly designed web site interface can result in lost sales, site abandonment, aggravated users, and a poor overall experience. For presentations, software, sales force automation, CBT or Kiosks, you need a great interface design that not only enhances the user experience, but also inspires the user and promotes the desired actions.

CISITE has been designing award-winning user interfaces for web, presentations, software and Kiosks since 1994. Our interface designs convey the perfect tone and feel required while maintaining a level of creative excellence. Whether you need a corporate, artsy, or funky interface, the CISITE team will create the perfect look, the perfect feel and the perfect function.

Contact CISITE to discuss your interface design needs and get ready to be impressed.

User Experience Design

Every day millions of people are having poor user experiences with web sites, software and presentations. Chances are you were one of them. Don't let your site or software cause needless aggravation for your users and clients. Poor experiences result in lost sales, site abandonment, aggravated users, and a poor brand experience.

CISITE has been working with clients to design and develop the best user experiences for web, presentations, software and Kiosks since 1994. We start from the ground up, discussing and analyzing the needs of different users, and proceed to develop a plan that will result in the best possible user experiences.

Contact CISITE to find out how we can improve the user experience of your site or software.

Flash Animations

Attract! Inform! Educate! Entertain! Amaze!

When used properly, Flash animations are effective tools that can help provide the information you want to deliver. When used incorrectly, Flash can cause your audience to abandon your information.

Our team evaluates the needs of each client and determines how Flash can properly be used to enhance the experience.

Use Flash for:
  • Web Site Introductions
  • Animated Processes
  • Unique Navigation
  • Advertisements
  • Animated Banners
  • Entire Web Sites
Contact CISITE to learn how flash animations can be used within your web site or project to communicate your message with style and pizzazz, all within your budget.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your site.

Web Based Training

You rely on your employees to understand your business, and their roles and responsibilities within that business. You need your sales team to be fully knowledgeable about the product line. In fact, your organization probably has many internal and external stakeholders to whom you impart specialized knowledge through formal and informal training. Much of that training is inconsistent and undocumented.

Whether it is product knowledge, explanation of services, software training, legal issues, interactive reference manuals, or company policies & procedures, computer based training (WBT) is the most effective cost-efficient method to impart knowledge, offering many inherent benefits unparalleled in any other medium.

Here are 10 reasons why WBT is better than traditional methods of training.
  1. Less expensive
  2. Easy to implement
  3. Convenient and accessible (from anywhere at any pace)
  4. Improved retention
  5. 40-60% less time consuming
  6. Individualized Instruction
  7. Refresher training is an added cost-free benefit
  8. Consistent quality of instruction (quality assurance)
  9. Precise tracking and measurability
  10. Easy and inexpensive to update or improve
Quizzes, summaries and various other traditional education methods create a truly dynamic interactive training/education session. Moreover, WBT provides 24/7 instant accessibility for all.

CISITE will be happy to evaluate and incorporate your needs, expectations and audience for a computer based training presentation. We'll also help you determine if you need WBT.

Contact CISITE to put the power of education in your hands with WBT.

Rich and Streaming Media

Rich media is a great application, and not just for consumers. True, consumers are watching videos on MTV.COM and listening to Internet radio, but the real power of streaming media TODAY is business applications. Imagine holding a business meeting and allowing hundreds of remote participants to become involved and interact. Think of how great training would be if it were simultaneous and consistent. Imagine if you could lead your prospects though a complex simulation of your product or service interactively. You can even get double the mileage out of your trade show booth, capture specific presentations and archive them or stream them live.

Contact CISITE to explore the ways in which rich and streaming media can work for you.

Content Management

In the early days of the Internet, all web sites were static. Content wasn't fresh, and users didn't mind. Now users expect up-to-date information, and your organization needs to be able to get the latest version of information online quickly. More importantly, you need a system that many employees with varying skills can use. Content management systems can be as simple or as complex as your needs require. Don't believe the hype that a content management system must cost $100K or more. For many sites, content management and personalization can be delivered for far less.

Whether you need a simple content management system to bring life to your site or a full-fledged Enterprise Site Management system with complex approval processes and content delivery options, CISITE can help.

Contact CISITE to learn more about how content management systems can improve your site and keep you on budget.
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