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Article 5.7.1 Relaying not allowed
If you are receiving the "5.7.1 Relaying not allowed" error message in your Outlook email client,...
Views: 1047
Article MSN Outgoing Mail Problems
PROBLEM:MSN customers will not be able to use their outgoing SMTP mail servers...
Views: 696
Article Outlook Error 0x800CCC0
1. This error can appear if you have 'notify me if there are any new newsgroups' selected but...
Views: 2470
Article Outlook Error 0x800CCC16
The username you have entered in Outlook is incorrect. Check the spelling and/or the case...
Views: 601
Article Outlook Error 0x800CCC18
1. Check account information, making sure username and/or password matches the case of the of the...
Views: 525
Article Outlook Error 0x800CCC1A
Please check your mail settings. You can not use an SSL connection. Turn off SSL in the...
Views: 616
Article Outlook Express Error "0x800CCC0F"
Important:Sometimes Outlook/Outlook Express, in conjunction with Norton Anti-Virus, has a hard...
Views: 1617
Article Suddenly my mail doesn't send anymore
If you previously were able to send mail via Outlook and suddenly your mail doesn't seem to send...
Views: 539

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